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How IceBan 305 Was Discovered

By: Bill Kinney, Sales Manager, Eco Surface Solutions IceBan has been sold in less pure forms for years to the livestock feed and animal fertilizer industries. After an extensive purification and engineering process the deicing application of IceBan 305 was created. One might think “what would make someone think that a product used for animal […]

How much Chloride Do I Need To Apply On A Road Surface

  Eco-Surface Solutions Recommends an application rate of 1/2 gallon per square yard, split in two 1/4 gallon per square yard applications. This will ensure deep, even penetration for good dust control and stabilization. As far as how much mag chloride product you need, we suggest you multiply 300 gallons x width of road (in feet) x […]

What is Mag Chloride and is it safe?

Iceban 305 deicer safe for the environment. In a recent report by Janna Beckermann, Department of Botany for Purdue University and Plant Pathology and B. Rosie Lerner, Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture for Purdue Univesity.  titled, “Salt damage to landscape plants“,  found Mag Chloride (a key ingredient in IceBan 305 ) provided both the […]

Is Liquid Magnesium Chloride Safe?

EcoSurface Solutions’ IceBan 305 Liquid is comprised of liquid magnesium chloride. This liquid chemical is not a new material, in fact it has been used in other products for over 30 years, and it is produced from the water of the Great Salt Lake.   Everyday Uses: Sponges Wrinkle-free Cotton Sticky-Notes Sea Salt Fertilizer Roofing […]